stargate sg-1 fanfiction

Finally, a Sci-fi show deserving of my attention. My brother tried tempting me with Andromeda, but I just can't get over the fact that the lead guy is such a chump, and that TPTB insists that storylines be focused on said chump when the characters surrounding him were more interesting *cough* Rommie/Andromeda *cough*.

Besides, the show had Tribune's stamp on it. After what Tribune did to Mutant X, I lost faith in everything they did altogether.

Stargate SG-1 is one fantastic show, though. With strong, character-based episodes, consistency in its storyline and thought-provoking themes and topics, its no question why this show grabbed me so easily.

What I enjoy the most: the caring, no-holds-barred affection among the team, whether its male to male or not. I adore the Jack/Daniel relationship and cherish every scene of them together. And yes, I'm a slasher, but I love them both as friends as well.

But then I like any pairing that has Daniel in it. I have never encountered a TV character that is so full of interesting contradictions as Dr. Daniel Jackson. Someone so brilliant yet could be so darned stupid sometimes. Someone so burdened by the choices he makes, yet never runs away from its consequences. Someone so passionate for knowledge and discovery. Someone who can be selfless one day, then selfish in another. Someone so human.

I am pushing myself to write fanfiction for this show, particularly Jack/Daniel. Here is what I managed so far. Pushing, nonetheless.

-What you risk reveals what you value. Sam/Daniel, Romance. PG-13 for language.

-Jack unveils what he almost lost. Jack/Daniel. Drabble. Spoilers for Evolution I and II.

-A portrait of rememberance. Sam/Daniel. Drabble. Spoilers for Fallen.

-There's a smile on his face, a smile he hasn't felt in years. Sam/Daniel, G.