mutant x fanfiction

Oh my. How can I explain to anybody why I like this show, why I bothered to watch it, and why I gave so much of myself to its fandom?

One word. Potential.

Mutant X had so much going for it: a strong premise, a unique mix of characters, an interesting man leading the opposition, an original universe/setting that they could call their own...I could go on and on. A lot of the potential for this show was never really acted upon by TPTB (the powers that be), but that's why its fandom has so much richness and imagination, despite its youth.

I found myself instantly liking the character of Jesse Kilmartin. Enough to make one of the most compherensive character fansites on the show, enough to make a forum for all Mutant X fans on the net to snark on the show, enough to create a blog with other Jesse fans, enough to devote time to give the actor portraying him a birthday present.

I love this show enough to constantly tell TPTB where they went wrong, and to participate in a letter writing campaign just to push the message on the show's potential to the seemingly deaf TPTB.

And below are the symptoms of my Mutant X obsession. I will never say that I'm proud to love this show, but I can clearly say that I'm proud of what I contributed to its fandom.

The Elements of Trust
-Maybe, that was all they needed; him relying on her for strength, and she, surrendering herself to him. Shalimar/Jesse friendship. PG for bad language and violence.

-The water finally got his picture right. Post-ep for Blood Ties.

-It didn't take him long to master the chameleon's art of hiding. Jesse/Shalimar, slight Jesse/Emma.

-Green grass. Long vines. A forest hidden so deep in itself that sunlight could not even muster a peek. Jesse/Emma.

-"Do you know what real evil is, Jesse? " Slight Jesse/Shalimar, PG for violence.