Title: Memento
Author: Aya
Feedback: autumntactics@mail.nu
Rating: G
Pairing: Sam/Daniel
Spoilers: Fallen, season 7
Summary: The tumult of thoughts in Daniel's head when Sam approached him in 'Fallen'.

It all began with her hand.

Hesitant in approach, pushing past the blankness mirroring his life right now that he nearly smiled at the irony.

Trembling, slowly gathering strength and speed as its owner finally honed in on its destination: his shoulder.

Her hand, which he thought should be heavy in unfamiliarity, sent something lance through him, trekking merrily throughout his body, settling on that bone beneath his chest like languid fire.

Slowly, it flickered in him, and he felt something in him stirring, awakening.

A memory.

It was too new, too intimate. So he pushed it away.

Im sorry.