fushigi yuugi fanfiction

Fushigi Yuugi marked my debut as a fanfiction writer in anime fandom. While I wrote fanfiction long before (I shudder at my attempts at fanfiction for Ghostwriter, Thundercats, Gummi Bears, and all my other favorite cartoons when I was a kid), I formally shared my fanfiction in the Fushigi Yuugi fandom.

I don't know, really, what is it with this anime that made me like it enough to write fanfiction for it. Or to make my first anime fansite, which was, even, a yaoi (male to male) fansite dedicated to the Chichiri/Tasuki pairing. Was it the loyalty of the Suzaku Seishi to Miaka, who may seem undeserving of such? Was it the passion of the opposition? The cute and endearing moments among the seishis of both factions? The Asian mythology? I really don't know. What I do know is that I find a lot of the fanfiction I wrote for this fandom absolutely horrid. But then I never knew what a beta was during that time anyway, so who am I to complain...

Yaoi Fics

-As I reached for his hand to shake it, somewhere, somehow,I could have sworn I saw a flash of brilliant red light. Tasuki/Chichiri, PG-13.

He Doesn't Know
-...it blanketed his pale skin with light, making his skin glisten with the color of ivory. Tasuki/Chichiri, PG.

-"You're embarassed of me?" Tasuki/Chichiri, PG-13.

Head In The Air
-You are beautiful. Too beautiful to touch. Hotohori/Nuriko, PG.

Miscellaneous Fics

So He Leaves
-It was because of you that they are feeling this pain. Gen, PG for violence.

Black Balloon
-And the angel, the lone angel, the protector of the maiden, fell. Slight Nakago/Yui.

-He was not wearing his armor. Nakago/Soi. PG-13 for violence and implied rape.

Falling (based on the song "Judy")
-It was strange to find Nakago like this, he was never an open book... Nakago/Soi, PG.

Moonlit (based on the song "Hurt Before")
-"Tomo, are you teasing me?" Tomo/Soi, G.