Title: Felicitation
Author: Aya
Feedback: autumntactics@mail.nu
Rating: R
Pairing: Jack/Daniel
Spoilers: Season 7, Evolution 1 (and sorta 2)
Summary: Jack, unwrapping what he almost lost.

And he feels like heís running through that jungle in Honduras again, a myriad of textures thwapping on his flesh as he searched vainly for Daniel. Ignoring the other manís attempt at pulling his own clothing, he pushes him back gently, ticking off everything that kept him from the heat reverberating from Danielís skin like a strange cacophony in his ears.

The shirt comes off, then his belt, and then his pants and they fall to the ground like a clothesline cut with a knife. Losing Daniel forgotten, he groans, and their limbs intertwine as they swim to the stars.